Our Services

3 Tractor Units

  • 2 x 44T
  • 1 x 65T (Special Types STGO cat 2)

Walking Floor

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Our walking floor trailer service which is a trailer that has a hydraulic walking floor which can carry:

  • Compost
  • Woodchips
  • Waste
  • Chalk
It also can be used to carry pallets (22 normal pallets / 26 euro pallets) Total load = 28T

Crane Operated Log Trailer

  • Hydraulic Kelsea Crane operated trailer purchased in 2012 for transporting Timber, logs, fence posts, pipes and rolls of grass plus many more abnormal things it can carry upto 25T

3 Axle Semi Low Loader - Total Load = 30T

We operate a low loaders which carry practically anything:

  • Diggers
  • Abonormal small loads
  • Access platforms
  • Railway equipment
  • Dumpers
  • Military machines
  • Helicopters
  • Various agricutual machiney
  • Specialised in moving steam engines

STGO cat  2 Special Types 4 Axle extendable Semi Low Loader - Total Load = 40T

  • Same as above on a bigger (heavier) scale

Escort Vehicles

  • We can provide escorts for abonormal loads and arrange permits.

Proud members of:

  • rha
  • road haulage association
  • UK and European coverage